GAmuza is a Hybrid Live OF Sketching IDE, for interactive design developing, live audiovisual performance and generative art teaching.

Artistic creation software – GAmuza | Interview (Spanish)

Live Coding
The main core of GAmuza is a live coding environment for rapid prototyping, playing and learning.
Based on Lua embeddable scripting language, Luabind and ofxLua OF addon, extends the OpenFrameworks API (0.7.4) with different input/output setting modules easy configurable within a GUI.

Modular System
GAmuza works with various GUI modules.
Every active module will be available, with all his output variables and functions, within the GAmuza live coding environment. For module list and detailed info see the manual.

GAmuza is a software for learning creative programming in a easy way, designed to cover the typical needs of teaching/presentation, realize an audiovisual live performance and rapid prototyping for developing new ideas.
Gamuza is easy as a scripting language, with coding extremely simplified through the modules, and with the blasting power of C++.

GAmuza development has been supported by Fine Art Research Group Laboluz, and by Ministry of Science and Innovation. Proj.Ref. (HAR2008-02169).