GAmuza is a Hybrid Live OF Sketching IDE, designed for education, creative coding and electronic live performance.


a code framework to smooth the learning curve


Openframeworks with a bunch of ofxaddons running over lua scripting language to boost performance.


Graphical modules integrating with code.


All this wrapped in a real-time coding environment, a coding improvisation platform!

Live Coding

The main core of GAmuza is a live coding environment for rapid prototyping, playing and learning.
Based on Lua embeddable scripting language, Luabind and ofxLua OF addon, extends the OpenFrameworks API (0.8.4) with different input/output setting modules easy configurable within a GUI.

Modular System

GAmuza works with various GUI modules.
Every active module will be available, with all his output variables and functions, within the GAmuza live coding environment.
For module list and detailed info see the tutorials section.

Education >> Prototyping >> Live Performance

GAmuza is a software for learning creative programming in a easy way, designed to cover the common needs in creative coding lectures, electronic live performance and for rapidly prototyping new ideas.
GAmuza is easy as a scripting language, with coding extremely simplified through the GUI modules, plus the blasting power of C++.

GAmuza Team

Emanuele Mazza
d3cod3 founder, coder, developer, artist, surfer

Emanuele Mazza

d3cod3 founder, coder, developer, artist, surfer

Emanuele Mazza is the creator of d3cod3 platform d3cod3 [de⋅code, dee-kohd, to translate(data or a…

David Sepúlveda
Visual Artist

David Sepúlveda

Visual Artist

He is currently working around the electronic arts and new media. His works have been…

GAmuza development has been supported by Fine Art Research Group Laboluz, and by Ministry of Science and Innovation. Proj.Ref. (HAR2008-02169).