Hybrid Live OF Sketching IDE



The original idea was to make creative coding easier; then, usually jumping from Processing to OF, always trying new libraries/addons, the desire was, having OF with a Processing like IDE, + a bunch of GUI modules to avoid the technical programming stuff like Computer Vision, Audio Analysis, Arduino communication, etc..

So, this is it, this is GAmuza, made with OF, inspired by Processing, binding the (almost) entire OF language v.0.8.4 with his official addons included, the entire OpenGL 1.1 language, a bunch of other addons , and the small GAmuza framework of functions and GUI modules to make creative coding a lot more easier, all of it embedded into a slight modified Lua scripting environment.


GAmuza ↀ IDE


OSX only. To install just drag GAmuza.app to Applications folder.


The GAmuza source code structure distribution represented like a Neural Network (a "Shiffman Nature of Code" one)